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Blog: Posts by melissa

Why we decided to migrate our Jaeger storage to ClickHouse

Jan 04, 2023 by melissa

In this talk, OpsVerse co-founder Arul Jegadish explains why they decided to switch from using Jaeger storage backend to ClickHouse, and why they choose to run it on Kubernetes. He…

Building a Digital Factory for the Sheet Metal Industry

Jan 03, 2023 by melissa

CamData 3D, one of the newest projects of Kurago in partnership with Bystronic, provides a multi-tenant cloud service aiming to improve the digitization of the sheet metal industry. In this…

Graph in Kubernetes Panel

Dec 12, 2022 by melissa

Graph databases are the fastest-growing data store in the world. According to Gartner, the application of graph processing and graph DBMSs will grow at 100 percent annually through 2022 to…

How to build a cloud-native event-driven app and deploy to Kubernetes

Nov 28, 2022 by melissa

In the following tutorial, we will explore and learn the foundations of building an event-driven app based on a cloud-native approach. We will develop several cloud-native microservices, deploy them over…

From Laptop to Cloud: Developing Cloud-Native Applications with Containerized Databases

Nov 28, 2022 by melissa

With the advent of microservices in Kubernetes, individual developer teams now manage their own data, middleware, and databases. Automated tests and CI/CD pipelines must be revisited to include these new…

Kubernetes Operator Lifecycle Management

Nov 28, 2022 by melissa

In this Talk, Anynines CEO Julian Fisher shares about the challenges of managing Kubernetes operator’s lifecycle. Julian and his team benchmarked multiple tools that could help with that. The talk…

Protection against accidental deletion of PVs or Namespaces

Nov 16, 2022 by melissa

Accidental PVC delete or namespace delete can cause the Persistent Volume to get deleted. Such volumes lose their data, and the stateful applications lose their state. By using Persistent Volume…

Leveraging Running Stateful Workloads on Kubernetes for the Benefit of Developers

Nov 14, 2022 by melissa

Kubernetes comes with a lot of useful features like Volumes and StatefulSets, which make running stateful workloads simple. Interestingly, when combined with the right tools, these features can make Kubernetes…

Data on Kubernetes 2022 Report

Oct 18, 2022 by melissa

Data applications empower organizations to create new business models and transform industries, and Kubernetes is increasing the velocity with which they can be deployed. Last year’s report found that the…