The CFP is open for DoK Day at KubeCon NA 2024 through July 14.

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The Future of Kubernetes for Stateful Workloads @ DoK Day

As KubeCon North America 2021 is quickly approaching, so is the CFP deadline for DoK Day. The Data on Kubernetes Community is an openly governed group of technologists who champion the emergence and development of techniques for the use of Kubernetes for data.

Dok Day is a series of live-streamed talks about running stateful workloads (storage, databases, message queue, stream systems…) on Kubernetes. This second edition will take place on October 12th, during KubeCon NA, and will be fully online. Submit your talks by 9/1 at 11:59 PST and if you want to be part of the audience, register here!

We invite you to submit:

  • Solutions to technical challenges, patterns, and best-practices
  • Validated use cases for running stateful workloads on Kubernetes
  • Learnings and experiences of running data on Kubernetes
  • Trends that could help others understand the present and future of DoK

The previous edition of DoK Day, featured excellent talks such as Deploying Open Cloud-Native Data Using K8ssandra, Why to Deploy Postgres on Kubernetes, and How eCommerce giant Flipkart is doing data on Kubernetes at scale.

Talks can be as short as 15 minutes; less work for the speaker, easier to digest for the audience! Submit your talk proposal here, and feel free to reach out to Bart if you have any questions.

Register to DoK Day to learn about the future of data on Kubernetes and become a community member by joining our Slack!