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1000 node Cassandra cluster on Amazon’s EKS

Apache Cassandra is a distributed database that does a great job with geo-distributed workloads. K8ssandra, on the other hand, makes it possible to run it on Kubernetes, equipped with backups and dashboarding. In line with the series of takeaways from DoK Day 2022, Matt Overstreet, Field CTO at the DataStax, shares the limits and further  Continue Reading »

Bringing Apache Cassandra closer to Kubernetes

Aside from geo-distributed workloads, Apache Cassandra also works great as a stand-alone service. However, since Cassandra was built before Kubernetes existed, there’s a mismatch in how they do things.  In line with the series of takeaways we got from DoK Day 2022, Jake Luciani, Chief Architect at the DataStax, discusses how they made Apache Cassandra  Continue Reading »