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Kubernetes Operator Lifecycle Management

In this Talk, Anynines CEO Julian Fisher shares about the challenges of managing Kubernetes operator’s lifecycle. Julian and his team benchmarked multiple tools that could help with that. The talk covers Carvel, Helm, OLM, Operator SDK, where the pros and cons are shared for each tool.   Julian Fischer  00:00 Great to be here in  Continue Reading »

DBAs need lovin’ too!

An honest discussion about the challenges of running stateful, distributed applications inside of Kubernetes. This talk features Umair Mufti, former Manager of Data Services at DreamWorks where he led the development of a Kubernetes-based, Database-as-a-Service platform. Currently building products for Portworx that incorporate all the lessons learned from managing enterprise-grade databases on Kubernetes. The talk  Continue Reading »

Deploying Enterprise Databases on Kubernetes

“Is Kubernetes ready for stateful workloads?” is the first question that pops up when decision-makers consider deploying databases on Kubernetes. For years the answer was “don’t do it”, and for good reasons. Kubernetes was initially designed to handle the orchestration of stateless workload. But the technology has matured, and it is time to reconsider running  Continue Reading »