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Operating FoundationDB on Kubernetes

FoundationDB is a free and open-source multi-model distributed NoSQL database developed by Apple, with a shared-nothing architecture. In this talk, Apple Site Reliability Engineer Johannes M. Scheuermann shares how to run the FoundationDB on Kubernetes. Which is something the company does on a large scale. Johannes talks about what the FoundationDB operator can do and  Continue Reading »

DoK isn’t just Database on Kubernetes

There are crucial parts one should consider in their infrastructure when going all-in on Kubernetes, as well as existing procedures that could deliver success once you go beyond deploying databases on it.  In this DoKC session, DataStax‘s VP Developer Relations and contributor to the Apache Cassandra project, Patrick McFadin, provides us a better understanding of  Continue Reading »

Benchmarking for PostgreSQL workloads in Kubernetes (Part 2)

A few months have passed since the last DoK webinar on benchmarking PostgreSQL workloads in a Kubernetes environment. While many things have happened at EDB, the team continues to elevate its discourse and introduces an open-source set of tools in bringing PostgreSQL to Kubernetes. In this insightful DoKC session, Gabriele Bartolini, the Vice President of  Continue Reading »

Benchmarking for PostgreSQL workloads in Kubernetes

Notions such as “databases like PostgreSQL cannot run on Kubernetes” are something that echoes in this industry all the time. However, Gabriele Bartolini, the Vice President of Cloud Native for EDB, joined by his colleague, Francesco Canovai, a System Engineer for 2ndQuadrant, proves us otherwise.  In this DoKC session, Gabriele and Francesco lead us to  Continue Reading »

Designing Stateful Apps for the Cloud and Kubernetes

Almost all applications have some kind of stateful part. How do we navigate a cloud-based world of containers where stateless and functions-as-a-service are all the rage? As a long-time architect, designer, and developer of very stateful apps, Evan takes us on a journey through the modern cloud world and Kubernetes, offering helpful design patterns, considerations,  Continue Reading »

Kubernetes Needs Deep System Integrations

Cloud juggernaut Kelsey Hightower recently shared that the Google team had, against all odds, created a Kubernetes operator for Oracle database. “Here we are, we have officially crossed the chasm,” said Kelsey. But have we really?  Last month our team released El Carro, a tool that automates running Oracle databases on Kubernetes. Never thought I’d  Continue Reading »

DBAs need lovin’ too!

An honest discussion about the challenges of running stateful, distributed applications inside of Kubernetes. This talk features Umair Mufti, former Manager of Data Services at DreamWorks where he led the development of a Kubernetes-based, Database-as-a-Service platform. Currently building products for Portworx that incorporate all the lessons learned from managing enterprise-grade databases on Kubernetes. The talk  Continue Reading »

Persistent Disk or StatefulSet?

There is confusion amongst Kubernetes users as to when one should make a Deployment with a PVC and when they should use a StatefulSet with a PVC. There is also a general lack of understanding when it comes to disk access policies, what RWO/RWX means, and what they allow you to do. These concepts are  Continue Reading »

Deploying Enterprise Databases on Kubernetes

“Is Kubernetes ready for stateful workloads?” is the first question that pops up when decision-makers consider deploying databases on Kubernetes. For years the answer was “don’t do it”, and for good reasons. Kubernetes was initially designed to handle the orchestration of stateless workload. But the technology has matured, and it is time to reconsider running  Continue Reading »

Cloud Native Database as a Service using Kubernetes

In the recent Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) survey, managing complexity is the number one issue faced by Kubernetes architects and practitioners. Deploying stateful applications in Kubernetes further adds to the cognitive load of practitioners. MayaData and Percona have partnered together to build a unified Helm chart aimed at providing an easy onramp to a  Continue Reading »