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Kubernetes Operator Lifecycle Management

In this Talk, Anynines CEO Julian Fisher shares about the challenges of managing Kubernetes operator’s lifecycle. Julian and his team benchmarked multiple tools that could help with that. The talk covers Carvel, Helm, OLM, Operator SDK, where the pros and cons are shared for each tool.   Julian FischerĀ  00:00 Great to be here in  Continue Reading »

Resilient Redis

Redis is a widely used open-source in-memory data store and cache that has become a key component in the development of scalable microservice systems. While all of the main cloud providers provide fully managed Redis services (Amazon ElastiCache, Azure Cache for Redis, and GCP Memorystore), it may also be simply implemented in Kubernetes if you  Continue Reading »

Getting Started with the Kubernetes Secrets Store CSI Driver

In Kubernetes, you might encounter difficulties keeping application API keys, access tokens, and passwords safe. There are several approaches to solve this problem. In this DoKC session, DigitalOcean‘s developer advocate, Kim Schlesinger, demonstrates how to install Hashicorp Vault and the Secrets Store CSI Driver to ensure your application’s accessibility to secrets stored in ephemeral volumes.  Continue Reading »