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Kubernetes Operator Lifecycle Management

In this Talk, Anynines CEO Julian Fisher shares about the challenges of managing Kubernetes operator’s lifecycle. Julian and his team benchmarked multiple tools that could help with that. The talk covers Carvel, Helm, OLM, Operator SDK, where the pros and cons are shared for each tool.   Julian Fischer¬† 00:00 Great to be here in  Continue Reading »

Resilient Redis

Redis is a widely used open-source in-memory data store and cache that has become a key component in the development of scalable microservice systems. While all of the main cloud providers provide fully managed Redis services (Amazon ElastiCache, Azure Cache for Redis, and GCP Memorystore), it may also be simply implemented in Kubernetes if you  Continue Reading »

Operating FoundationDB on Kubernetes

FoundationDB is a free and open-source multi-model distributed NoSQL database developed by Apple, with a shared-nothing architecture. In this talk, Apple Site Reliability Engineer Johannes M. Scheuermann shares how to run the FoundationDB on Kubernetes. Which is something the company does on a large scale. Johannes talks about what the FoundationDB operator can do and  Continue Reading »

Bringing Apache Cassandra closer to Kubernetes

Aside from geo-distributed workloads, Apache Cassandra also works great as a stand-alone service. However, since Cassandra was built before Kubernetes existed, there’s a mismatch in how they do things.¬† In line with the series of takeaways we got from DoK Day 2022, Jake Luciani, Chief Architect at the DataStax, discusses how they made Apache Cassandra  Continue Reading »

Leaning on Kubernetes Portability to Manage Databases Anywhere

Kubernetes has the potential to change the game by enabling users to run complex databases anywhere they want. Its portability coupled with a SaaS user experience makes it a powerful tool. In this DoKC session, Robert Hodges, the CEO of Altinity, talks about how his team built a portable ClickHouse cloud service on Kubernetes and  Continue Reading »

Production Postgres Made Easy on Kubernetes

It’s one thing to get a database up and running on Kubernetes; it’s another to run it in production. There are many “Day 2” operations to manage when running any database in production, including high availability, backups, monitoring, security, and disaster recovery. Kubernetes operators can take care of that and also manage such as advanced  Continue Reading »

How to manage Apache Druid on Kubernetes

This talk introduces Druid operator and how Kubernetes and Operator framework can be used to write an operator that enables provisioning, management, and scaling of a complex cluster of Apache Druid to 1,000 of nodes. This talk covers why Kubernetes and the operator framework is a perfect fit for managing a complex stateful application. Learnings  Continue Reading »

Kubernetes Needs Deep System Integrations

Cloud juggernaut Kelsey Hightower recently shared that the Google team had, against all odds, created a Kubernetes operator for Oracle database. “Here we are, we have officially crossed the chasm,” said Kelsey. But have we really?¬† Last month our team released El Carro, a tool that automates running Oracle databases on Kubernetes. Never thought I’d  Continue Reading »

Developing a Multi-cluster Operator with the K8ssandra Operator

Cassandra is a highly scalable database with an architecture that makes it well suited for multi-region workloads. A Kubernetes cluster often spans across multiple zones within a single region. However, multi-region Kubernetes clusters are less common though due to the technical challenges that they present. This has led to a growing number of multi-cluster solutions.  Continue Reading »

DBAs need lovin’ too!

An honest discussion about the challenges of running stateful, distributed applications inside of Kubernetes. This talk features Umair Mufti, former Manager of Data Services at DreamWorks where he led the development of a Kubernetes-based, Database-as-a-Service platform. Currently building products for Portworx that incorporate all the lessons learned from managing enterprise-grade databases on Kubernetes. The talk  Continue Reading »