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Disaggregated Container Attached Storage – Yet Another Topology with What Purpose

Container native storage is designed for Kubernetes and managed by Kubernetes. Ideally, it’s based on disaggregated NVMe storage for scalability and performance.  DataCore Chief Scientist Nick Connelly, shares the basics of disaggregated storage and how it offers scalability advantages for Kubernetes. This talk was given for DoK Day EU 2022, you can access all the  Continue Reading »

Leaning on Kubernetes Portability to Manage Databases Anywhere

Kubernetes has the potential to change the game by enabling users to run complex databases anywhere they want. Its portability coupled with a SaaS user experience makes it a powerful tool. In this DoKC session, Robert Hodges, the CEO of Altinity, talks about how his team built a portable ClickHouse cloud service on Kubernetes and  Continue Reading »

Benchmarking for PostgreSQL workloads in Kubernetes

Notions such as “databases like PostgreSQL cannot run on Kubernetes” are something that echoes in this industry all the time. However, Gabriele Bartolini, the Vice President of Cloud Native for EDB, joined by his colleague, Francesco Canovai, a System Engineer for 2ndQuadrant, proves us otherwise.  In this DoKC session, Gabriele and Francesco lead us to  Continue Reading »

Can Data Become a Declarative Resource?

The declarative, portable, self-healing nature that Kubernetes users are accustomed to in stateless deployments is replaced with complexity, resiliency issues, and portability restrictions when it comes to stateful workloads.  In this synergizing DoKC session, Statehub head of marketing Roey Libfield, head of product Michael Greenberg , and DevOps lead Uri Zaidenwerg, discuss the challenges facing stateful  Continue Reading »

What’s Coming in Kubernetes Storage

Kubernetes provides a way for containers in the pods to consume block or file storage. There’s also a COSI sub-project in SIG Storage that is trying to add object storage support in Kubernetes. In this session, Xing will talk about some features that SIG Storage is currently developing and designing, and highlight a few items  Continue Reading »

Intro to Persistence in Kubernetes

So you want want to run stateful containers? Check out a brief intro to persistence in Kubernetes. Kubernetes and persistent storage go together like oil and water. Kubernetes is inherently an ephemeral system and persistent storage by definition must survive. After this talk, you should have a clear understanding of how to get started on  Continue Reading »