We help DoK community sponsor members and end-users get published on our blog and third-party publications.

The DoKC audience is made of practitioners and enthusiasts who want to learn about running stateful workloads on Kubernetes.  We publish content on our blog and also pitch it to 3rd party publications (TheNewStack, InfoQ, DevOps.com) when possible.

We are looking for:

  • Technical content and how-to’s
  • Stories about data on Kubernetes
  • Use cases and success stories
  • Thought leadership on DoK related topics
  • Industry insight into data on Kubernetes adoption


  • The content must be vendor-neutral. The content may mention a vendor’s name as it relates to specific open source projects, customer’s success story, adoption paths, hosting of an event or speaking at an event, or other indications of meaningful participation in the community, but it shouldn’t feel like an advertisement for your services or company.
  • The content must be about running data/stateful workloads on Kubernetes. We do not accept content that is not related to this topic.
  • Critical commentary or broad issues must be approached with sensitivity, professionalism, and tact in a way that is beneficial and positive for the community.
  • We accept content that has already been posted.

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