The Data on Kubernetes Community is an open space in which users of Kubernetes for data share their experiences, compare approaches, and generally commiserate and collaborate.

The Data on Kubernetes Community was started in the summer of 2020 and since then has:

  • Hosted nearly 50 talks
  • Grown to 500+ members on Slack
  • Branched into Spanish/Portuguse talks and content in addition to English

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Highlights have included:

Originally sponsored by MayaData, the originator of OpenEBS, and more recently joined by Datastax, famous for their support of Cassandra, the Data on Kubernetes community is a vendor-neutral environment focused on practitioners. The community is in the process of being absorbed by the CNCF itself for open governance and to assist in ongoing funding and collaboration. Your ideas and your experience in using Kubernetes for Data are welcome and needed.

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