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Five New Members Join the Data on Kubernetes Community to Advance the Use of Kubernetes for Data

CloudCasa by Catalogic, Memphis{dev}, Plural{sh}, Portainer, and Timescale join at the Silver level, increasing community sponsors to 27

OREGON CITY, Ore., July 11, 2022 — The Data on Kubernetes Community (DoKC) today announced five new members covering extensive expertise and customers in Kubernetes management, data protection, and measurement sectors. DoKC is an openly governed group of practitioners collaborating to accelerate the use of Kubernetes for data. Memphis{dev}, Plural Labs, Portainer, Timescale, and Twilio are joining at the Silver level. 

The Data on Kubernetes 2021 Report found that 90% of surveyed companies believe Kubernetes is ready for stateful workloads with a large majority (70%) running them in production. The recently launched DoK Landscape documents existing products, solutions, and consultancies that enable data on Kubernetes including database, storage, data manager software, and operators themselves.  “The indicators are clear: organizations want to run data workloads on Kubernetes and are in search of more robust solutions to the data challenges. While deployment is achievable, end users in our community are seeking ways to manage the lifecycle of data workloads in Kubernetes including improvements that would make AI and analytics workloads more attainable,” said Melissa Logan, director, Data on Kubernetes Community. “We’re thrilled to have our newest members share their perspectives so we can collectively work toward the aim of making data a first-class citizen in Kubernetes.”About the new Silver members:

  • CloudCasa by Catalogic is a software-as-a-service solution for backing up, restoring, and securing Kubernetes-based applications. The SaaS service is hosted on AWS and operates on Kubernetes but can be self-hosted.
  • Memphis{dev} is a message broker for developers, made for building complex data/event-driven apps and troubleshooting them. It is a modern replacement for Apache Kafka.
  • Plural{sh} is an open-source DevOps platform that empowers teams to build and maintain cloud-native and production-ready infrastructure on Kubernetes without the management overhead.
  • Portainer is a centralized service delivery platform for containerized apps. Accelerates container adoption with a self-service management portal, allowing users to deliver containerized applications from the data center to the edge.
  • Timescale is architected to analyze “time-series data,” enabling developers to understand what is happening currently, how it is changing, and why.

The call for papers is open for DoK Day taking place Monday, October 24, at KubeCon North America 2022 to share knowledge about the art of running data workloads on Kubernetes. The deadline to submit is September 1, 2022 at 11:59 PM PDT. Here are previous DoK Talks as examples.

Today, DoKC hosts more than 12,000 members across channels. DoKC has held over 130 livestreams ranging from how Adobe operates stateful applications on Kubernetes across multiple data centers and regions to practical questions such as how to deploy production-ready PostgreSQL to Kubernetes. DoKC founding platinum sponsors include DataStax, EDB, MayaData (now DataCore), and Portworx by Pure Storage.

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About Data on Kubernetes Community (DoKC)

Kubernetes was initially designed to run stateless workloads. Today it is increasingly being used to run databases and other stateful workloads. The Data on Kubernetes Community was founded in June 2020 to bring practitioners together to solve the challenges of working with data on Kubernetes. An openly governed community hosted by, DoKC exists to assist in the emergence and development of techniques for the use of Kubernetes for data.