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Data on Kubernetes Community Announces Schedule for DoK Day North America 2022 at KubeCon

October 24 event includes solutions to technical challenges, patterns, and practices, validated use cases for running data on Kubernetes

OREGON CITY, Ore., September 23, 2022 — The Data on Kubernetes Community (DoKC) today announced the schedule for DoK Day, a colocated event at KubeCon North America 2022 with over 20 talks, musical interludes, and an interactive quiz. For the first time, the event is both on-site in Detroit, Michigan, and virtual. It is being held Monday, October 24.

Registration is free for virtual participation, $50 for in-person. To register now, see:

DoK Day brings together practitioners and end users describing the use cases, techniques, and best practices for running data on Kubernetes including:

  • How we built our Big Data Stack (almost) entirely on top of Kubernetes – Neylson Crepalde CDO, A3Data
  • Building a Digital Factory for the Sheet Metal Industry – Elie Assi Senior DevOps Engineer, Kurago
  • Why we decided to migrate our Jaeger storage to ClickHouse on Kubernetes – Satbir Chahal Principal Engineer, OpsVerse
  • Scaling our SaaS offering to thousands of clusters – Dax McDonald Software Engineer, Sourcegraph
  • The Challenges of Data Processing On Kubernetes: a look at Spark, Flink, Dask, and Ray – Holden Karau, Open Source Engineer, Netflix
  • Panel: Fybrik – A Kubernetes based platform for governed data use – Flora Gilboa-Solomon, Sima Nadler, Alexey Roytman, IBM, and Mike Nicpan, ING
  • Data streaming on Kubernetes – Yaniv Ben Hemo, Co-Founder and CEO at
  • Architecting Your First Event Driven Serverless Streaming Applications on K8 – Timothy Spann, Developer Advocate, StreamNative
  • (Panel) Databases on Kubernetes: Why are they important? – Xing Yang, VMware, Bhavin Shah, Portworx, Gabriele Bartolini, EDB, Patrick McFadin, DataStax
  • The Kubernetes Native Database – Jeffrey Carpenter, Software Engineering, DataStax
  • Open Source Databases on Kubernetes: Best Practices – Peter Zaitsev, Percona, CEO
  • Mastering MongoDB on Kubernetes, the power of operators – Arek Borucki, Principal SRE Database Engineer
  • Inter-Cluster PostreSQL on Kubernetes – Julian Fischer, CEO of anynines GmbH
  • Highly Available Postgres Clusters In Kubernetes – Jonathan Gonzalez V., Senior Kubernetes Developer, EnterpriseDB and John Long, Staff SDE, EnterpriseDB
  • Medical / Healthcare Data on Kubernetes – Prasad Dorbala, Chief Product Officer, Avesha, and Olyvia Rakshit, VP of Product Marketing and Product(UX), Avesha
  • Shifting Left Stateful Applications In Kubernetes – Viktor Farcic, Developer Advocate, Upbound
  • Kubernetes 360º – Data driven observability – from Secrets to logs – Rotem Refael, Director of Engineering, ARMO
  • Formula 1 telemetry processing using Apache Kafka on Kubernetes – Paolo Patierno, Senior Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat

The Data on Kubernetes 2021 Report found that 90% of surveyed companies believe Kubernetes is ready for stateful workloads with a large majority (70%) running them in production. The recently launched DoK Landscape documents existing products, solutions, and consultancies that enable data on Kubernetes including database, storage, data manager software, and operators themselves.

DoK Day is taking place Monday, October 24, 2022 from 9:00AM – 5:00PM EDT at the DoubleTree Hotel located at 525 W Lafayette Blvd. in Detroit. Both virtual and in-person attendance to DoK Day is available through the in-person KubeCon registration. DoK Day will adhere to the same health and safety guidelines laid out by the CNCF found here.

Thank you to DoK Day sponsors anyninesCloudCasa by CatalogicNetApp, and

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About Data on Kubernetes Community (DoKC)

Kubernetes was initially designed to run stateless workloads. Today it is increasingly being used to run databases and other stateful workloads. The Data on Kubernetes Community was founded in June 2020 to bring practitioners together to solve the challenges of working with data on Kubernetes. An openly governed community hosted by, DoKC exists to assist in the emergence and development of techniques for the use of Kubernetes for data.