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DoK Community Day 2021 Speakers


Bart Farrell

DoK Community Leader

Building a growing and global community of SREs, Data Engineers, CTOs, DevOps, and other Cloud Native enthusiasts who believe in the power of knowledge sharing to help people run their data on k8s.

Patrick McFadin

Patrick McFadin

VP of Developer Relations at DataStax

Patrick McFadin is the VP of Developer Relations at DataStax, where he leads a team devoted to making users of Apache Cassandra successful. He has also worked as Chief Evangelist for Apache Cassandra and consultant for DataStax, where he helped build some of the largest and exciting deployments in production. Patrick is active in the Apache Cassandra project and a member of the CNCF TOC.

Eric Zietlow

Eric Zietlow

Director of Developer Relations at MayaData

Directing Developer relations at MayaData. Data On Kubernetes Community ambassador. I have a passion for open source and distributed systems.

Jeffrey Carpenter

Jeffrey Carpenter

Developer Relations at DataStax

As an Advocate, Jeffrey helps developers succeed with Apache Cassandra, SOA/microservices and cloud architecture. He’s served as the Architect of large, complex, "industry first" distributed systems, including an automated battle planning system and a cloud-based hotel reservation system. He enjoys mentoring other architects, tech leads, and developers to help them take the next step in their careers. He’s the Co-Author of Cassandra, The Definitive Guide, 2nd & 3rd Editions (O’Reilly).

Nellie Tobey

Nellie Tobey

Data on Kubernetes Community Day Co-Chair

Nellie joined our community in 2021 and since then has become very actively involved with asking questions as well as giving answers, in addition to providing amazing artwork that make data on k8s concepts more accessible. She’s been in blue collar all her life. She takes pride in doing any task given to her to the best of her ability. Be it driving a forklift, or writing a backend in Django for my team project, she will always endeavor to do it well, and if she can’t, she’ll study and practice until she can exceed my own expectations. She is also a self-educated artist. She loves to explore new mediums and push herself to learn and do better with every piece she creates. Failure is growth, and she is unafraid to try in her code, or in her art.

Feynman Zhou

Feynman Zhou

Developer Relations at Kubespheree

KubeSphere is a multi-tenant enterprise-grade container platform with full-stack automated IT operation and streamlined DevOps workflows. It provides developer-friendly wizard web UI, helping enterprises to build out a more robust and feature-rich platform, which includes the most common functionalities needed for enterprise Kubernetes strategies. In this talk, we would like to introduce KubeSphere and its open source ecosystem.

Sergey Pronin

Sergey Pronin

Percona XtraDB Cluster Operator architecture decisions

Percona XtraDB Cluster Operator is a drop in replacement for MySQL Enterprise with sync replication running on Kubernetes. It automates the creation, alteration, or deletion of members in your Percona XtraDB Cluster environment. It can be used to instantiate a new Percona XtraDB Cluster replica set, or to scale an existing environment.

Aitor Artola

Aitor Artola

Development Director at Lainotik

Dynamic industrial engineer in electronics, he started his career in technical areas related to software development and systems management, moving gradually to management roles. Worked several years in multinational companies across different European countries, leading projects and development teams under agile/devops methodologies. Always looking for new challenges, in the last years he has set up and managed a software development centre in Bilbao (Spain) for the Ve Global multinational and currently is working in the project LainoTIK platform to deploy and manage IOT, Bigdata AI technologies on Kubernetes

Rick Vasquez

Rick Vasquez

The Rick.

A strategic leader adept at meeting the conversation where it is most effective at a high level corporate strategy or a deep in the technical weeds, Turning these conversations into action plans that optimize value for the community.

Tim van de Keer

Tim van de Keer

DataOps Engineer at Fulltaq

DataOps Enthousiast. I get stoked about new and emerging data technologies and methodologies. Used to work foremost in the DevOps and CI/CD space but is now fully hooked on data engineering. I love cloud-native and open source technologies and am a big fan of doing Data on Kubernetes.

Álvaro Hernández

Álvaro Hernández

Founder & CEO at Ongres

Álvaro is a passionate database and software developer. He founded and works as the Founder & CEO of OnGres ( He has been dedicated to PostgreSQL and R&D in databases for two decades. An open source advocate and developer at heart, Álvaro is a well-known member of the PostgreSQL Community, to which he has contributed founding the non-profit Fundación PostgreSQL ( and the Spanish PostgreSQL User Group. You can find him frequently speaking at PostgreSQL, database, cloud, and Java conferences. Every year, Álvaro travels approximately three-four times around the globe—in 2020 (or now more likely 2021 due to COVID-19), he will hit the milestone of having delivered 100 tech talks. AWS Data Hero (2019). Website:


Kunal Kushwaha

Co-Founder of Code for Causse

Co-Founder @Code for Cause. MLH Coach. CNCF Intern '20. Gold Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors. Empowering Communities via Open Source and Education.

Mario Loria

Mario Loria

Senior Site Reliability Engineer at Carta

Cloud Native Ambassador, Kubernetes Enthusiast, SRE. Mario is orchestrating Kubernetes at Carta while helping advance the DevOps community. He’s founded and co-organized meetups, conferences, and other events advocating and educating the masses about containerization and Kubernetes.

Andrea Henkel

Andrea Henkel

Chief Operating Officer at The Last Mile

Andrea is passionate about leveraging the power of education to address systemic inequity. She has worked in a various roles at different education-focused organizations: she taught at public, private, and non-public schools throughout New York City; designed curricula and game-based learning experiences at the Institute of Play and TenMarks Education; coached first-year teachers in partnership with San Francisco Unified Public Schools; and managed a team of curriculum developers at Girls Who Code. She is inspired and humbled every day by the students, colleagues, and community she works with at TLM.


Abhi Vaidyanatha

Abhi Vaidyanatha

Abhi is a confused economist who enjoys writing backend code for data management software. He now spends most of his time doing developer relations in the data integration space, where he looks to evangelize open source technologies. In his spare time he is a DJ, drummer, and competitive Super Smash Bros. player. He is a staunch advocate of proper semicolon usage, Oxford commas and overused grammar jokes.

evan powell

Evan Powell

CEO at MayaData

Evan has helped conceptualize, fund, position, lead and scale a few eventually important enterprise infrastructure software companies which were acquired. He is also a part time investor and mentor. Evan is currently CEO at MayaData. MayaData enables the use of Kubernetes as a data layer and sponsors open source projects including the CNCF project OpenEBS and the LitmusChaos engineering project. MayaData also helps to sponsor DOKC. Previously Evan helped conceptualize and build StackStorm, a Evan Powell CEO of MayaData DevOps workflow automation company, where he was co-founder and CEO. StackStorm was acquired and the project became a Linux Foundation project. Before StackStorm, Evan was founding CEO of Nexenta Systems which defined and led the open storage and software defined storage space.


Aleks Volochnew

Developer Advocate EMEA at Datastax

Aleks-Developer Advocate at DataStax After many years in information technologies as a developer, technical lead, DevOps engineer, and architect, Aleks focused himself on cloud computing and distributed systems. Professional Cloud Architect and Developer Advocate, he shares his knowledge and expertise in the field of high-performant and disaster tolerant systems.


Jean-Yves Stephan

Co-founder & CEO at Data Mechanics

Jean-Yves is the Co-Founder & CEO of Data Mechanics, a cloud-native spark platform available on AWS, GCP, and Azure. Their mission is to make Spark more developer friendly and cost-effective for data engineering teams. They are active contributors to open-source projects such as the Spark-on-Kubernetes operator and Data Mechanics Delight. Prior to Data Mechanics, Jean-Yves was a software engineer at Databricks, where he led the Spark infrastructure team.

sebastien pahl

Sébastien Pahl

Co-founder & CEO at Opstrace

Worked at Cloudflare, Mesosphere and Red Hat in San Francisco. Building teams and projects. Co-founded Docker, a Y-Combinator startup. Passionate about large scale platforms, developer tools, automation, open source, distributed systems and cooking.

chris bradford

Christopher Bradford

Product Manager at Datastax

I have a passion for distributed systems. From working as a system administrator on extremely latency sensitive HD video delivery network to directing an engineering team for a distributed user experience platform, my work has spanned numerous industries in a variety of roles. Clean architecture and high performance are key goals of mine. Currently my work has been focused on the distributed NoSQL database Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise platform. I was one of the first DataStax Certified Apache Cassandra Architects. In 2015 I was named an Apache Cassandra MVP for my involvement with the amazing C* community.

Divya Mohan

Divya Mohan

Team Lead at HSBC

Divya is an active contributor to the Kubernetes project and is the lead for SIG Docs in the LitmusChaos project. She works as a Senior Systems Administrator with HSBC and is based out of India.


Praveen Kumar Kalwagadda

Head Of Engineering (Hiring EMs and Architects)

18+ years of experience in software product development in varied industries like E-commerce, Application Oriented Networks, Service Proxy, Retail, Forex, Consumer Internet with Enterprise and SaaS development and delivery model. Extensive experience in working with startup to lead - building products for business effeciency, organization setup, team building, design/architecture and on-boarding/supporting customers. Managed high calibre R&D technology teams to continuously better performance, scale, design, architecture and solve complex software engineering problems.


Neeraj Bisht

Senior Architect at Flipkart