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Run Data Workloads on Kubernetes

The Data on Kubernetes Community is where users go to run data on Kubernetes (DoK). We facilitate the creation and sharing of best practices to help users advance in their DoK journey through our forum, events, and working groups.

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What is Data on Kubernetes?

While Kubernetes was originally designed for stateless workloads, it is increasingly being used to manage stateful and data applications including databases, big data, data analytics, and machine learning. 

Data on Kubernetes is well-positioned to become the operational default in a world where data and AI/ML applications are expected to grow. Scalability, flexibility, resilience, openness, and costs are among the reasons; and it has a transformative impact on organizations who benefit from increased productivity, revenue growth, market share and margin, according to the 2022 Data on Kubernetes Report

Learn Data on Kubernetes

A curated library of resources to help jumpstart or advance your DoK journey.

Adding Zonal Resiliency to Etsy’s Kafka Cluster | DoKC Town Hall

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In this talk, Kamya Shethia from Etsy, discusses the changes made to add zonal resiliency to the Kafka cluster, that enabled them to speed up their update process.

An Introduction to Custom Resource Definitions and Custom Resources(Operators 101: Part 2)

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In part 2 of his series "Operators 101", Steve Sklar goes into detail about Custom Resource Definitions, including some best practices when designing them and golang-based tooling used to generate them.

DoK Database Patterns Whitepaper

This whitepaper describes the patterns of running data on Kubernetes with a focus on database applications. It describes the attributes of a storage system and how they affect the database applications, how different storage stacks affect these attributes, what are the differences of running data inside and outside of Kubernetes, what are the characteristics of Kubernetes that are beneficial for running data on Kubernetes, and what are the best practices and lessons we have learned from running data on Kubernetes.

What Are Kubernetes Operators? (Operators 101: Part 1)

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This is part 1 of a series by Steven Sklar, Operators 101, where he teaches readers how to design, build, and deploy Kubernetes operators that can automate the management of your own unique applications.

1000 node Cassandra cluster on Amazon’s EKS? – Matt Overstreet (DoK Day EU 2022)

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Come here about our experience scaling Cassandra on EKS to over 1000 nodes and 20 million transactions per second. This session will cover the lessons learned, successes, failures, and tools used to get there.

The Data on Kubernetes Landscape – Melissa Logan (DoK Day EU 2022)

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We know from the first Data on Kubernetes Report that 90% of respondents believe Kubernetes is ready for stateful workloads, but significant challenges remain. The DoK Community continues to grow and build a unique space where people share knowledge and have conversations that are shaping the next decade of data on Kubernetes.

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