An Open Community for Data on Kubernetes

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What is the DoKC?

Kubernetes was originally designed to run stateless workloads. Today, it is increasingly used to run databases and other stateful workloads. Yet despite the success of these early adopters, there remain few known good practices for running data on Kubernetes.

After discussions with thousands of companies and individuals running data workloads on Kubernetes we’ve come to see that there is a need for a sharing of patterns and concerns about how to build and operate data-centric applications on Kubernetes. As a result, the Data on Kubernetes Community (DoKC) was born.

DoKC is an openly governed group of curious and experienced practitioners, taking inspiration from the CNCF and Apache Software Foundation. Our aim is to assist in the emergence and development of techniques for the use of Kubernetes for data. 

We host live meetups every week where technologists share their stories, wisdom, and practical advice for running data on Kubernetes.

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DoKC is seeking meetup talks from practitioners that describe the use cases, techniques, and best practices for running data on K8s.

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DoKC is funded by sponsors who believe the industry needs a place to collaborate to solve the challenges of working with data on Kubernetes.

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