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DoK Community Ambassadors

The DoK Community Ambassador Program recognises individuals in the community who are actively participating in activities and engaging with other community members. It then empowers them to do more in the community by granting them greater access and responsibility.

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Meet the current DoK Community Ambassadors.

Edith Puclla
Technology Evangelist @ Percona

Edi is a Tech Evangelist at Percona, an open source contributor, and a student at Code in Place and 42 Silicon Valley School in California in 2020. She was part of the Outreachy Internship in 2021. Edi is a Docker Captain with more than 5 years of DevOps experience. She is a Docker and Kubernetes enthusiast that loves to create content in different ways. When Edi is not on the computer, she listens to audiobooks and plays with her cats and her brother.

Robert Hodges
CEO @ Altinity

Robert started working on database applications in 1983. Since that time he has worked with or helped develop 20 different DBMS types ranging from prerelational systems like M204 to real-time analytic databases. Besides data, his technical interests include distributed systems, security, and open source. Robert caught the Kubernetes bug in 2018 at VMware. His day job is CEO of Altinity, an enterprise provider for ClickHouse.

Sean Scott
Managing Principal Consultant @ Viscosity North America

Sean Scott has worked with Oracle database technologies since 1995. He’s the author of the Apress book, “Oracle on Docker: Running Oracle Databases in Linux Containers,” and a Managing Principal Consultant with Viscosity North America. He’s active in the Oracle database user community as a presenter, volunteer, and board member of the Real Application Clusters Special Interest Group. Sean’s expertise includes Maximum Availability Architecture, high availability and disaster recovery systems design, Cloud Native databases, Oracle Engineered Systems, and Oracle Autonomous Health Framework. He advocates for automation, infrastructure as code, and container and virtualization technologies and frequently presents the importance of embracing DevOps tools and methods within the database community. Sean and his wife Maggie live near Boise, Idaho, and have three children and two grandchildren. Sean enjoys cooking and running ultramarathons with his dog, Oreo.

Joe Brockmeier
Head of Community @ Percona

Joe has been involved in open source for more than 20 years, is a member of the Apache Software Foundation, and has previously worked at Red Hat, Citrix, and SUSE. He also has an long history in the tech press and publishing, having been editor-in-chief of Linux Magazine, editorial director of, and a contributor to, ZDNet,, and many others.

Adheip Singh
Founder @ DataInfra

Adheip Singh is a seasoned professional with a strong background in managing data infrastructure on Kubernetes. With a wealth of experience at companies like RillData (Druid SAAS), Startree (Pinot SAAS), and ChistaData (Clickhouse SAAS), he is an active contributor to the Data on Kubernetes ecosystem, including maintaining the Druid Kubernetes Operator, Pinot Kubernetes Operator, the DSOI spec, operator runtime and Parseable. At DataInfra, Adheip is building a centralised control plane for SAAS Infra.

Itamar Marom
Platform Engineer @ AppsFlyer

Itamar Marom has been working with Kubernetes for the past few years, collaborating on multiple Kubernetes operators open-source projects like Terraform controller and Apache Druid operator. He is experienced with managing data in a very large scale with technologies like Apache Spark, Druid, Airflow, among others. Itamar has invested a lot into the worlds of Data, Kubernetes, and open-source, as he believes in the innovative potential they bring to the technology ecosystem.

Matt Wilson
VP of Marketplace Development @ Nethopper
LinkedIn – Website

Matt is a seasoned tech enthusiast, currently working at Nethopper building the KAOPS community. He is also the founder, Rgent Technology, a data center, and digital infrastructure consulting firm. With 25+ years in telecom networking, data centers and business consulting, he loves building and launching new products and services. Outside of work Matt is huge a music fan who also enjoys playing and watching sports and grilling in the backyard with his family.

Satyam Soni

I am Satyam Soni, a student with a deep love for cloud-native technologies and open-source communities.My goal is to continue growing as a cloud-native advocate and community member, making meaningful contributions to projects that positively impact the industry. I’m always eager to connect with fellow enthusiasts and professionals. I also believe in striking a balance between technology and life beyond the screen. I enjoy spending time outdoors, whether it’s hiking in nature or capturing its beauty through photography.

Alex Lines
Sr. Containers Specialist @ Amazon Web Services

Alex’s day job is helping organizations build data workloads on Kubernetes. Since joining the Containers team at AWS, he’s carved out a role specifically focusing on data workloads on Kubernetes, and he’s excited to get involved with the DoK community. Outside of his day job, you can find Alex spending time with his son, sous vide cooking, or chasing favorable surf forecasts.

Aditya Tomar

An open-source enthusiast who loves communities and has a keen interest in collaborating and taking part in community events, conferences, etc. I believe in growing together as a community and sharing knowledge for a better tomorrow.

Ganesh Kumar Kasiviswanathan
Container and DevOps Practice Lead @ Tata Consultancy Services

I work as Containers and DevOps Practice Lead in Agile Infrastructure CoE for Cognitive Business Operations at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). With overall 13 years of IT experience in DataCenter and Cloud Technologies, I support in building growth and transformation solutions and simplifying business challenges through technology innovation. I am responsible for Consulting, Solution Design & Implementation of Hybrid and Multi-cloud Kubernetes Platform solutions in CBO Unit.

Manish Tyagi
Open Source Developer Advocate & Community Manager

Manish is a dedicated Developer Relations Advocate and Community Manager, with a strong passion for Open Source. With a track record of boosting user engagement and supporting vibrant communities through various online platforms like Twitter, Discord, Discourse and Slack, Manish excels in fostering innovation-driven ecosystems. As an experienced Community Manager, he flawlessly executes impactful conferences, curating memorable experiences for networking and knowledge exchange. With a creative flair and meticulous attention to detail, Manish ensures the success of every event. Having contributed to numerous communities and organizations, he offers expert consultation and effective strategies to drive remarkable results.

Ritesh Karankal

As a student, I’m enthusiastic about delving into cloud native technologies. I’m passionate about communities and enjoy connecting with fellow community members. I’m excited to share what I learn and to grow alongside everyone. I’m also looking forward to collaborating and contributing to community projects. Design and cloud native tech are my passions—let’s geek out together!