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The Data on Kubernetes Community

Community Getting Started

The Data on Kubernetes Community (DoKC) was founded to lead discussions and share best practices for running stateful workloads on Kubernetes.

It is an independent, vendor-neutral space where people are encouraged to share knowledge and experiences to foster growth and innovation. Our open community is strongly biased towards openness – and open source.

Monthly Town Hall Meetups

We host monthly town halls  on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 9:30 AM PT | 16:30 UTC where guest speakers discuss a range of topics to help community members to learn and grow.

The community primarily focuses on, but is not limited to, the follow areas with a heavy leaning toward Kubernetes practitioners, SREs, data engineers, and DevOps about:

  • Solutions to technical challenges, patterns and practices
  • Validated use cases for running data on Kubernetes
  • Learnings and experiences of running data on Kubernetes
  • DOK trends that could help others validate their software roadmap
Opening Remarks of DoK day

Annual DoK Day at KubeCon

We host annual, in-person events colocated with KubeCon Europe and North America events. 

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We believe that open discussion serves as a powerful catalyst for collaboration and innovation within our community.

By fostering a space where members can freely share their thoughts, ideas, and insights, we cultivate an environment that thrives on diversity of perspectives. Open discussion facilitates the exchange of knowledge, allowing individuals to learn from one another, solve problems collectively, and discover creative solutions. Join us on Slack to become part of the conversation.

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Ambassador Program

DoK Ambassadors are here to help you navigate the community and find DoK resources. Look for them on the DoK Slack channel or reach out to them using links in their bio.

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Working Groups

Our Operator Special Interest Group (SIG) develops projects related to Kubernetes operators for managing data workloads. It meets bi-weekly over Zoom, with discussions take place asynchronously on Slack in the #dok-sig channel. The agenda and meeting details are pinned to the top of the channel.


Sign up for the DoKC newsletter that covers all things DoK. We also highly encourage you to join our Slack for real-time discussions about data on Kubernetes. It’s a great place to network, share news, and stay connected to DoKC.