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About the Data on Kubernetes Community


What is the DoKC?

Kubernetes was originally designed to run stateless workloads. Today, it is increasingly used to run databases and other stateful workloads. Yet despite the success of early adopters, there remain few known good practices for running data on Kubernetes.

As a result, the Data on Kubernetes Community (DoKC) was born in spring 2020. DoKC is an openly governed group of curious and experienced practitioners, taking inspiration from the CNCF and Apache Software Foundation.

Our aim is to assist in the emergence and development of techniques for the use of Kubernetes for data.

demonstrating postgress

What does DoKC do?

DoKC brings together thousands of practitioners from organizations across every industry — from end users like Absa, Adobe, Arista, Delivery Hero, FlipKart and Zalando to vendors like Cloudian, DataStax, Elastic, MayaData, Packet and Percona.

We produce weekly meetups and have provided the industry with hundreds of videos, blogs, graphics, and more. An active and welcoming community, members share resources and knowledge daily.

DoKC hosted its first DOK Day at KubeCon Europe 2021 with over 4,400 people watching talks from 20+ speakers including Carta, Flipkart, HSBC and others.

And we’re just getting started!

How is DoKC governed?

DoKC is an independent vendor-neutral space in which people are free to share knowledge and experiences to foster growth and innovation. Our open community is strongly biased towards openness – and open source.

As of summer 2021, we are currently forming three governing bodies to direct our work:

  • Governing Board: Comprised of sponsor appointees responsible for marketing, budget, and other business oversight decisions.
  • Working Groups: Open to any community member to help define DoK use cases and challenges. The Marketing Working Group is open to sponsors only.
  • End User Community: For end users only to connect and provide anonymized input to the Working Groups.
Dok Community Day 2021

How is DoKC funded?

DoKC is funded by sponsors who believe the industry needs a place to collaborate to solve the challenges of working with data on Kubernetes. We are grateful to our founding sponsors MayaData and DataStax.

As the community continues to grow, we are aiming to significantly raise awareness of the DoK challenge in 2H21 and beyond. Now’s the time to join!

Contact us for sponsorship information at [email protected].

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