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About Us


Our Mission

The Data on Kubernetes Community (DoKC) was founded in 2020 to advance the use of Kubernetes for stateful and data workloads, and unite the ecosystem around data on Kubernetes (DoK). 

DoKC community programs and events are made possible thanks to the generosity of our sponsors who believe the industry needs a place to collaborate to solve the challenges of working with data on Kubernetes.

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Who Runs DoKC?

DoKC is an independent user community managed by, a tech community company. We believe the more we share, the more we have. 

DoK Staff


Melissa Logan

Managing Director


Paul Au

Community Manager


Whitney True

Head of Marketing


Diogenese Topper

Marketing Operations


Kenzie Dettman

Business Operations

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Founding Sponsors

The Data on Kubernetes Community owes a big thanks to our founding sponsors. They will always be listed here for empowering us to get the community started in our earliest days.

General Inquiries:

[email protected]


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