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DoK Day @ KubeCon Utah

Salt Lake City, Utah

Event Date(s): Nov 12, 2024

DoKC Town Hall: Kafka on Kubernetes: Reloaded for Fault Tolerance


Event Date(s): Jun 20, 2024

DoKC Town Hall: Automating Day 2 Operations with Kubebuilder and Operator SDK


Event Date(s): May 16, 2024

DoKC Town Hall: Database Patterns Whitepaper Panel Discussion


Event Date(s): Apr 18, 2024

Meetup – The Road to Enterprise Data Management and Cost Reduction and Efficiency Improvement in the Era of LLMs

Hangzhou City, Zhejian Province

Event Date(s): Mar 15, 2024 - Mar 16, 2024


Pasadena, CA

Event Date(s): Mar 15, 2024

How making our Kafka Cluster resilient to zonal outages sped up deploys by 2x


Event Date(s): Feb 15, 2024

DoKC Tuscany Meetup

Prato, Italy

Event Date(s): Feb 29, 2024

DoKC Town Hall: Ecoystem Day


Event Date(s): Jan 18, 2024

DoK Talk: Data Compliance Across Multiple Regions with KubeSlice


Event Date(s): Jan 16, 2024

DoK Day @ KubeCon Paris

Paris, France

Event Date(s): Mar 19, 2024

DoK Day North America 2023

Colocated at KubeCon Chicago

Event Date(s): Nov 6, 2023

DoK Day North America 2022 @ KubeCon

Detroit, Michigan

Event Date(s): Oct 24, 2022

DoK Day Europe 2022 @ KubeCon

KubeCon - Virtual + Valencia, Spain

Event Date(s): May 16, 2023

DoK Students Day 2022 Schedule


Event Date(s): May 4, 2022

DoK Day North America 2021 @ KubeCon

Virtual + Los Angeles, California

Event Date(s): Oct 12, 2021

DoK Day Europe 2021 @ KubeCon


Event Date(s): May 3, 2023