The CFP is open for DoK Day at KubeCon NA 2024 through July 14.

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DoKC Community Collaborator

The Data on Kubernetes Community (DoKC) is an independently run community hosted by We exist to advance the conversation around data on Kubernetes. Our goal with the Community Collaborator program is to facilitate collaboration amongst DoK-related technology communities and end users who are running data-intensive workloads on Kubernetes.

A DoKC Community Collaborator is defined as an Open Source Project backed by a nonprofit entity (e.g. The Apache Software Foundation or the Cloud Native Computing Foundation) that does not sell a product or service. 


  • Your project’s logo will be listed on the DoKC website as a Community Collaborator for one year.
  • Your project will be included in the quarterly press release announcing new members.
  • One or more members of your community will appear in a DoKC livestream to share how your project is related to DoK, trends you’re seeing, etc. Preference given to women or other underrepresented minorities. We ask that your project promote the resulting video on the project website and/or social media channels. 
  • Your project will submit details about relevant technologies or services to be included in the DoK Landscape. This is intended to be a permanent fixture unless your technology or service changes and no longer supports data workloads on Kubernetes.
  • Your project’s members will be invited to participate in relevant DoKC Special Interest Groups and Working Groups.

In lieu of a formal legal agreement, we only require written acceptance of the requirements by a community leader (e.g. member of the Technical Oversight Committee or Project Management Committee) to participate year-over-year.

Email [email protected] to join.