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A new chapter for DoKC

Today we’re beginning a new chapter in the Data on Kubernetes Community (DoKC) by announcing a new governance structure – with over 20 sponsors joining – to accelerate the emergence and development of techniques for the use of Kubernetes for data.


DoKC was created in June 2020 to bring together practitioners who run stateful workloads on Kubernetes. MayaData was the first organization to recognize the importance of the community’s work to the industry and funded its first year, later joined by DataStax. With the creation of a new governance structure and the addition of new staff, DoKC has attracted other like-minded organizations who believe that Kubernetes is ready for data.

Today they’re joined by Platinum sponsors EDB and Portworx by Pure Storage, Gold sponsors Percona and Red Hat, and Silver sponsors Airbyte, Altinity, anynines, Civo, Cockroach Labs, DigitalOcean, Fullstaq, ionir, Kasten by Veeam, KubeSphere, observIQ, Okteto, OnGres, Red Kubes, Stark & Wayne, StorageOS, and TerminusDB. 

“Including data as a part of deployment completes your cloud native application. DataStax believes in the power of open communities and is excited for a future of data on Kubernetes. It’s time to work together and build the next generation of infrastructure.”

DataStax VP of developer relations Patrick McFadin

“We’re delighted to join the Data on Kubernetes Community. There’s still significant work to be done to elevate PostgreSQL on Kubernetes to enterprise levels of maturity and robustness, and we look forward to contributing our expertise and insights to help achieve this goal.”

EDB’s vice president of cloud native Gabriele Bartolini

 “Deploying stateful apps on Kubernetes is a complex process. The mission of MayaData is to simplify Kubernetes storage for enterprises. In the process, we created OpenEBS, the most popular Container Attached Storage open source project. We are proud to be a founding member of the Data on Kubernetes Community and helping users in their stateful journey.”

MayaData’s CEO Donald Williams

“Portworx by Pure Storage helps the Global 2000 make their data services scalable, available, and secure on Kubernetes. GigaOm Research recently named Portworx as the ‘gold standard’ for cloud-native Kubernetes storage for the enterprise. We see a bright future for even more data to be run on Kubernetes and are delighted to join the Data on Kubernetes Community to bring more industry-wide solutions to the forefront.”

Portworx by Pure Storage’s Umair Mufti, director of product management for Portworx Data Services

The DoK community is made up of 4,000 members, and we’ve held close to 100 meetups ranging from how Adobe operates stateful applications on Kubernetes across multiple data centers to practical questions such as how to deploy production-ready Postgres to Kubernetes

With the new governance structure, we are forming working groups that will be a crucial way for the community to collaborate. If your organization runs data on Kubernetes or builds products/services, we’d love to connect with you. Learn more about what we do and get in touch.

Be sure to join us on October 12th for DoK Day at KubeCon North America 2021. KubeCon attendees can register for free by selecting our colocated event on the registration form. The event will feature talks from enterprises including, Flipkart, Macquarie Bank, Sourcegraph, Zalando, and others. See you there!