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DoK Day at KubeCon EU 2022 Summary

What a blast we had a DoK Day @ KubeCon EU 2022. Running stateful workloads on Kubernetes is becoming an industry standard, but there are always challenges! Thank you to our 47 speakers for sharing their knowledge on how to DoK well!

The event drove 2,800 guests and 37,000 views on our Twitter. The horn was celebrated, we danced, listened to great music, and attend the identity reveal of the Aristocratic Mexican Wrestler, aka Angel.

​​During this day, we learned from Anynines’s CEO Julian Fischer about Kubernetes operator lifecycle management. The ability to extend Kubernetes with Custom Resource Definitions and respective controllers has led to the OperatorSDK, which became the de facto standard for data service automation on Kubernetes.DataStax’s Principal Solutions Architect’s Matt Overstreet shared how he managed to scale Cassandra on EKS to over 1000 nodes and 20 million transactions per second. Not an easy achievement, which came with a lot of learnings.
EDB CTO of Cloud Native’s Gabriele Bartolini explained why companies should run their Postgres clusters on Kubernetes. The company just open-source their PosgreSQL operator, CloudNativePG, and submitted the project to the CNCF. 

Ondat Principal Developer Advocate’s Nic Vermande demonstrates how to use Kustomize and Tekton to provide Kube-Native automated workflows taking into account new parameters such as database operators, StorageClass and PVC.

Timescale Cloud Engineer Oleksii Kliukin shared what they learned from running a PostgreSQL managed service on Kubernetes on AWS for over a year, the benefits and drawbacks.

Last but not least, we announced the Data on Kubernetes Landscape. A destination for end-users to research existing Data on Kubernetes products, solutions, and consultancies. We are already getting ready for DoK Day @ KubeCon NA 2022. Follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates!