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1000 node Cassandra cluster on Amazon’s EKS

Apache Cassandra is a distributed database that does a great job with geo-distributed workloads. K8ssandra, on the other hand, makes it possible to run it on Kubernetes, equipped with backups and dashboarding. In line with the series of takeaways from DoK Day 2022, Matt Overstreet, Field CTO at the DataStax, shares the limits and further  Continue Reading »

DoK isn’t just Database on Kubernetes

There are crucial parts one should consider in their infrastructure when going all-in on Kubernetes, as well as existing procedures that could deliver success once you go beyond deploying databases on it.  In this DoKC session, DataStax‘s VP Developer Relations and contributor to the Apache Cassandra project, Patrick McFadin, provides us a better understanding of  Continue Reading »

ETL/ELT on Kubernetes with Airbyte: K8s development insights

There are a lot of different approaches working for a spot in an attempt to solve ETL/ELT on Kubernetes. Considering that the cloud-native landscape is built for deploying Dockerized, open-source software, many of the closed-source solutions don’t align with the trajectory of the community. In this DoKC session, Airbyte‘s senior developer advocate, Abhi Vaidyanatha, discusses  Continue Reading »

Can Data Become a Declarative Resource?

The declarative, portable, self-healing nature that Kubernetes users are accustomed to in stateless deployments is replaced with complexity, resiliency issues, and portability restrictions when it comes to stateful workloads.  In this synergizing DoKC session, Statehub head of marketing Roey Libfield, head of product Michael Greenberg , and DevOps lead Uri Zaidenwerg, discuss the challenges facing stateful  Continue Reading »

Data on Kubernetes Students Day

It’s always fun to make history, so we’re bringing you the first ever DoK Students Day! We’ve got nearly 30 talks lined up, and the best one will get a spot in our co-located DoK Day event in KubeCon!  DoK Students Day 2021 Wednesday, October 6 6:30 PM – 1:05 AM IST Virtual #DOKSTUDENTS Pre-registration  Continue Reading »

Intro to Persistence in Kubernetes

So you want want to run stateful containers? Check out a brief intro to persistence in Kubernetes. Kubernetes and persistent storage go together like oil and water. Kubernetes is inherently an ephemeral system and persistent storage by definition must survive. After this talk, you should have a clear understanding of how to get started on  Continue Reading »